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Finance and Accounting
  • Financial reporting in full compliance with IFRS.
  • Real-time cash-flow forecasting and monitoring.
  • Project P&L, cost and revenue structure, project estimates versus actuals analysis.
  • PDC cheques printing and accounting.
  • Automated retention calculation and timeline tracking.
  • Fixed assets accounting and depreciation.
  • Employee expense reports and reimbursement.
  • Automated entries for deferred expenses and prepayments.
  • Manual and automated cost allocation.
  • Vehicle-wise, employee-wise expense tracking.
  • Bank reconciliation.
  • Automated month-end closing.
  • Comprehensive reporting tool with ability to customize reports as per your layouts.
  • Automated report generation and e-mail scheduling.
  • Get information about current status of the company in one click.
  • Information available anytime, anywhere.
  • Automated VAT calculation.
  • Support of Tax Groups.
  • VAT Return (VAT 201 form UAE).
  • FTA audit file (FAF) generation
  • RCM for Import of goods and services.
  • UAE Customs declaration format.
  • Export/Out of scope transactions.
  • Output/Recoverable VAT analysis.
  • Daily Time cards record for each employee or excel/csv files processing in bulk to understand your labor costs.
  • Project-wise timesheet with automatic labor cost calculation.
  • Employee inventory/assets accounting.
  • Vacations and sick leaves calculation.
  • End-of service calculation and other provisions.
  • Employee loans management.
  • Easy and flexible custom approval process designer.
  • Approvals for sales, purchase, HR, finance transactions.
  • Approval step deadline control.
  • Custom alerts and notifications (emails, popups).
  • Built-in messenger for transactions, documents, master files for faster inter-company communication.
  • File attachments uploader.
  • Real-time information about goods, prices and availability.
  • Multiple price-lists. Customer transaction history by orders, invoices, returns delivery notes.
  • Sales orders status tracking.
  • Sales channel efficiency and gross profit analysis.
  • Mobile application for field sales.
  • Manual and automatic discounts.
  • Prepare and send quotations as per your layouts.
  • Transfer goods to consignment and consignment sales.
  • POS interface.
  • Invoice creation based on % of project completion.
  • Accounts receivable aging and control.
  • Progressive Invoicing.
  • Procurement requisitions.
  • Consolidated view of what was ordered, what is in transition, what was received in one screen.
  • Materials and inventory purchase, tracking, transfer and usage.
  • Material and inventory limits tracking and control.
  • Purchase orders tracking.
  • Allocating expenses involved in purchasing to cost of items.
  • Accounts payable ageing and control.
  • Inventory demand forecasting.
  • Goods receipt notes.
  • Supplier prices uploading/ saving.
  • Suppliers payments detailed by projects, orders and invoices.
  • Real-time tracking and analysis of inventory.
  • Bin-location and multi-warehouse management.
  • Inventory SKUs, characteristics, batches, serial numbers, expiry dates.
  • Inventory reservation.
  • Fast/slow moving items.
  • Minimum stock balance control and alerts.
  • Hardware compatibility: label printers, barcode scanners, data collectors.
  • Stock transfers, material usage tracking.
  • Upload BOQ for projects.
  • Project's profitability, expenses tracking and desired output extraction.
  • Material, labor costs and overheads allocation for projects.
  • Material budget setup and control.
  • Variation Orders processing and tracking.
  • Estimates & quotations creation, revision and history.
  • Project/task progress and completion tracking.
Why FirstBit ERP software?
Fast access to reports and dashboards for management for timely decision making
A platform to streamline processes and employees collaboration
Increased efficiency of your employees by reducing manual data entry
Web-access from anywhere and anytime
Data security
Customized reports as per your layouts
The UAE Tax compliance
Control over resources used on projects
What results our clients
achived with FirstBit ERP system
We are local
We are a local
software developer
Over 7 years First Bit team has been presented in UAE to design ERP with local users and the UAE legislation in mind.
We're here in the UAE with SLA-based hotline support and software services updates.
VAT and Labor
regulations support
Automatic updates of your database in full accordance with the latest changes in UAE legislation, including new regulated report forms.
The UAE's
FTA Accreditation
First Bit has been approved as a provider of the VAT-compliant software by the UAE's Federal Tax Authority.
About us
Our History

The history of the company is started in 1997. An energetic team of experts in applied mathematics, physics, and economics of the leading universities of Russia decided to develop business based on the latest technologies and innovations. Three years later a group of founders has set the global goals on building a wide network of regional offices. Nowadays First Bit has offices opened in eight countries: United Arab Emirates, Russia, Canada, Spain, Andorra, Czech Republic, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

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